Field Tested.
Market Relevant.


An important differentiator for Kola Seed is our emphasis on trialing and field data.


Our approach is intended to build more validity and transparency in the industry.


We help growers optimize performance through farm planning advice and general troubleshooting.

Kola Seed has established a solid foundation of breeders and agronomists to supply producers with high-quality hemp seed genetics.

Our model was built to generate more field data and credibility within the industry..

Seed Starts vs. Direct Seed

Let us help you identify the best offering based on your needs

Why Seed Starts?


Order your seedlings from us and we’ll ship them directly to you.
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With seed starts you have 100% confirmation on germination rate.


Out compete the weeds by getting a jump on plant height. This is one of the biggest risks when direct seeding

Why Direct Seed?

Plant health

Avoid transplant shock and ensure a better more established root system

Cost efficiency

Eliminate all nursery expenses and labor expenses that are related to planting seedlings into the field

2021 Field Day

Our goal is to help growers through delivering top quality seed and as much knowledge as we can about our varieties and cultivation.

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People who work with us say...

"Working with Kola Seed has been a real pleasure. They trusted us with new trial varieties so we could all hunt for the best North East, day neutral, flower/biomass varieties. The results so far were very promising. Their breeding program has us looking forward to 2021 and beyond!"

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